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Why Should You Choose Xtreme Auto Soundz?

Xtreme Auto Soundz has been a consistent leader in quality auto sound systems. We offer expert installations at prices that are affordable. At Xtreme Auto Soundz we believe in equality, honesty and integrity when it comes to our customers. We pride ourselves in our work and that is why we offer lifetime warranties on all installs. In addition to our already low prices, we can now offer our customers layaway options. We are also now able to offer you easy no credit check financing options for our customers.

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Car Accessories and Installation
At Xtreme Auto Soundz, we can offer you custom neons, a custom Xeon™, or a custom lamp kit. Custom lighting is not only stylish but also safer on the road.

Upgrading to Xenon headlights will improve your night-time driving visibility instantly and make you feel more confident behind the wheel. One of the best parts about making the HID kit upgrade is that though you will be using HID bulbs, you'll still retain your factory OEM headlight housing. The only change will be from your OEM halogen bulbs to the new HID xenon bulb upgrades. Perhaps the most surprising part is that HID kits are simply to install. Our kits have been test fitted on each vehicle so we include everything from the HID ballast to the Xenon bulbs in your HID headlight kit. It comes with everything. You will not find a more complete kit, a more reliable setup at a better price anywhere! You won't be satisfied with your nighttime road coverage until you experience the drive in xenon light. Xenon lights are very distinct in color and tone. HID headlight kits are one of the top aftermarket parts sellers and for good reason! Everyone wants to experience HID driving lights! Outfitting your ride with a custom set of HID driving lights will not only compliment your HID fog lights if you have them already, but xenon lighting gives your car, truck or SUV a modern look regardless of year, make or model. More cars are rolling off the assembly line equipped with HID head lights installed because the benefits are so apparent. Xenon HID lights will soon be the industry standard are considered by some to be already. If you got a body kit installed and want your exterior to really stand out when not everyone can see it, hence driving in the dark, check out the new look that HID head lights give your custom whip. HID headlight kits add aspects to your driving experience that other modification can't. Xenon HID lights make you a safer driver by making your whereabouts known to other drivers on the road.

Call us at  (303) 362-1837 to learn more.


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Mobile Video and Navigation

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We can custom-mount a TV anywhere in your vehicle, and we can install a GPS navigation system in dashes, headrests, or rear view mirrors. Our services also include installation of touchscreen monitors and custom-mounting for Xbox®, PS2™, PS3™, and Nintendo® Wii™. We install PCs as well as on-the-go networking and DIRECTV®. We also provide iPod® interfaces and hookups as well as TV tuners. Contact us today at
(303) 362-1837 for more details.


Mobile video comes in all shapes and sizes. The experts at Xtreme Auto Soundz can customize an in-car video system to your needs and likings. While in-dash video is an excellent addition alone, we at Xtreme Auto Soundz can also install a wide assortment of headrest monitors, overhead consoles and larger LCD screens.

As always, we work hard to find the brands that offer the best quality, selection and price. Our installations are of the highest standards and provide the factory look that is important to most consumers.

Afraid customizing would lose that factory appearance? Xtreme Auto Soundz can install a headrest package that completely matches your vehicle right down to the Cadillac logo stitched into the leather of your Escalade!

And what about the add-ons? Xtreme Auto Soundz can integrate navigation, DVD players, video games, even you laptop into your video system. And with multi-zoned systems, mom and dad are able to listen to one program while the kids listen to Dora all the way to Disneyworld!

We know Mobile video and can help you make the decisions that best suit your vehicle and your needs. As always, stop by and we will spend as much time as your require!




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Xtreme Auto Soundz

Custom Audio & Video Installations in Denver, CO




Customize your vehicle with professional car video and car audio installations from Xtreme Auto Soundz, Inc., in Denver, Colorado. We have 13 years of experience in car audio and video sales, services, customizations, and installations. We offer all major brands for our custom audio installations. We can refabricate and restore your speakers, install new or different speakers, or completely upgrade your system. We also offer special mount lifts and custom motors.From custom boxes to game system mounts, our installation experts can do it all.

Our work speaks loudly about our capabilities in mobile entertainment. For this reason, we have put together this presentation including a number of our projects. Here you'll find a wide array of different installations and creative fabrication, also displaying our attention to detail and quality.

Visit our shop to learn more about our services and to browse our huge selection of auto accessories.

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